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  1. I think that it is a huge responsibility for teachers to integrate social justice in the classroom. Social justice is the process of distributing what you have equally within the class. Each student should get the same opportunity to learn no matter their differences.


  2. Educators have a huge responsibility to teach social justice. The classroom is often the first place students will have a to spend a large amount of time in a diverse group of peers, so this is the place that can set the tone for their future. Teachers should strive to teach social justice and by doing this they are giving students the tools needed to make larger and more mass social changes later on in their lives.


    1. I love the idea of teachers giving students the tools to have success and to stand up for what is right in this world. Students, no matter how old they get, will always remember a teacher that left an impact on them. If we can be those teachers who are not afraid to talk about the hard topics, in an effort that the students will be able to generate their own opinions and ideas about events in their future, then we will have done our job to the very best of our abilities.


  3. I have a huge responsibility to integrate social justice in my teaching content. I feel that every child deserves a chance to learn despite whatever their circumstances. Also because my students need to know how to get along with each other despite their diverse backgrounds. This will carry them throughout their academic lives, and daily lives in general.


  4. What responsibility do you have to integrate social justice into teaching content?
    I find that everyday, a child copies something that they see someone do or say. So the more kids that watch public figures such as Donald Trump speak poorly of how to treat women, the more we will have kids copying that behavior because they saw someone do it. So to me, teaching kids about social justice and also many other things inside the classroom is crucial. Even the smallest of things can make a difference in a kids life, so why not be that thing that makes that difference.

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  5. Integrating social justice in the classroom is extremely important because it’s a place that students will spend majority of their week and day in. Each student should be given an equal opportunity to learn from their teachers as well as others. Students need to be able to communicate and work with other students without there being problems because it’ll help them when they get older and start getting into the “real world.”

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    1. I totally agree with this! Having a classroom with integrated social justice is a main thing you need in a classroom to inure that all students feel like they belong and are appreciated.


  6. Teaching social justice at a young age is important because it shows students the importance of diversity and equality. Promoting social justice will result in a better thriving society, when everyone can be accepted and have the same equality. Being able to incorporate that into a classroom will prepare them for living in a better society.


  7. What responsibility do you have to integrate social justice into teaching content?
    In the classroom full of students with different cultures and background, it’s extremely important integrate social justice. For me thats making sure every student feels welcome and cared about in the classroom. I need to make sure that my students feel safe and able to voice their opinions. Have the social contract of what you expect out of your children is a great way to set the standards right away. Creating a multicultural environment is also a create way for students to feel equal.


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