Social Justice and Education

Social justice is a term referring to the distribution of wealth, opportunities and privileges in society. In this day and age, there are many issues that plague social justice, and now has come the time where teachers need to learn how to teach students about this topic. Blake (2015) discusses how in order for teachers to implement this in their classrooms, it is not simply instruction: “students studying this field use critical examination of themselves, others, institutions and events to find patters of inequality, bigotry or discrimination” (para 2). Adams and Bell (2016) further this idea by mentioning that students need to be able to critically analyze the issues at hand and come up with solutions. Going a step further, many people, not just students, can look at these issues using technology and a medium to share ideas.

Students need to be aware of how they are sharing their ideas and there are standards out there for what students are expected to understand while using technology (ISTE, n.d.). When it comes to social justice and technology, students need to understand where they are getting information from and how to share their ideas (Teaching Tolerance, n.d.). Students need to be taught to use technology to do good in the world, including to advocate for social justice (Costanza-Chock, Wagoner, Taye, Rivas, Schweidler, Bullen, & The Tech for Social Justice Project, n.d.). Students and teachers alike need to be aware of the social justice issues that are going on in our world and have positive ways to locate information and discuss these topics.


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