What responsibility do you have to integrate social justice into your teaching content?

As a future teacher, I believe that it is huge responsibility that we should be happy to carry for our students. Our students need to learn  about the important of social justice in our society. Social justice is important for our students to  understands because of all the prejudice, racism, and injustices that the world has today. As we grow more as a society, these are becoming more visible in our everyday life. So in my classroom, I will teach my students that social justice is a very uneasy topic. In my classroom, I want to show my students that we  a co-learners. This is one of the biggest issues I see in classroom now a days. We are all are going to be learning till the day we die. In letting my students know that we are all learning, we are all also teaching each other. Each student is going to have different experiences that they are going to share. This will help the  students grow as learners and have them start to feel empowered. I think that one fact that I picked up that I want my students to know is that we are can learn from  each other experience to grow as better people. This will strengthen our values while also learning about the different diverse experiences and backgrounds that our peers have gone through and learned from. Being able to teach about different cultures will helps us learn about what makes us different.  Learning from their peer may make it more meaningful and easier to relate to. Social justice plays a huge role in multicultural education because you are more aware of others perception and culture. This will make it easy to understand them and treat everyone equally.


13 thoughts on “What responsibility do you have to integrate social justice into your teaching content?”

  1. I think that you have a great start here! It is very important for students to discuss their varying backgrounds with one another. This can help them understand where other students are coming from. A neat way to have students share might be to make a presentation about their experiences. Instead of a simple oral presentation you could have your students make an animation or comic about it. GoAnimate is a creative way to make animations, and VideoScribe might work well too because students can customize and write on their presentations!

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  2. I really appreciate what you are saying about everyone having value and we all being able to learn from one another. I bet your kids really value that. I think that you could really make that connect even more with the kids if you were to implement video blogs, or something where the kids could blog their ups and downs throughout a week. I think that would be powerful to look back and watch later. I think that would really drive the point home that we do all have value and we all have something to offer, even in our weakest moments. Maybe our weakest moments for us, our peers saw us as heros, and I think being able to vocalize that would be really powerful for your students.


    1. This sounds amazing, I really think this would be a great project. I wish my teacher had me do this in high school. Thank you for you time to respond and the great idea.

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  3. I like how you addressed that talking about social justice is an uneasy topic. Many students do feel uneasy talking about it so it is important for them to know that it’s 100% okay to feel that way. It just means they care. If everyone is uneasy, that means they have so much to learn from each other. What about it makes one feel uncomfortable? You seen to have a good sense of what you want to do in your classroom and I really appreciate that.


    1. Honestly, I would feel uncomfortable to share my story, I could see where my students are coming from. But I also would see my story as weakness and not a strength. Thank you for your time and thoughtful response.


  4. I agree, and as someone who has been in the Education field for well over 10 years; I not only think that it’s important for students, that we integrate social justice into our teaching content but that we are extremely thoughtful in our language and approach to students because of our differences. We need to be aware of our innate biases, as well as our privileges. We have a responsibility to leave our children with the tools, language, and mindfulness to become fair, intelligent, WELL ROUNDED people that won’t be replicas of some of the adults that, in spite of their positions and known influences to our students, are themselves unaware of the inequities, privileges, and circumstances we each possess as individuals with experiences that differ from one another, and are careless in their words and actions in the presence of students either in or out of school.


  5. I agree that we need to teach our students that they are life-long learners! I think that this concept directly relates to social justice topics in that students need to be taught to respect the opinions of others and they will likely learn from their peers. Tolerance.org includes many lesson plans that would help to teach these concepts in the classroom. This lesson plan for 3rd-5th grade students teaches the importance of respecting others despite differences. A lesson like this would be a great way to remind students of the importance of listening to their peers and respecting their opinions.



  6. I agree with your post. I too believe that students and teachers should make an effort to understand each other’s backgrounds and cultural differences. Being vulnerable with your students and letting them know that you too are learning, is a genuine way to connect with students and make them feel comfortable talking about difficult topics. Videos are a great form of media to use when talking about social injustice. One technology you can use in class when showing videos is EDpuzzle. With this technology tool, you can add questions, discussion questions, and audio comments on videos that you show in class. This can be used in a flipped classroom or as a group activity during class time or a homework assignment. I have attached the website below!



    1. I, as well, believe that students and teachers should make an effort to understand each other’s backgrounds as well as cultural differences. With that being said, I would make it my mission to incorporate events such as “Around the World” where students could bring in food and or things that represent their culture. We would invite parents to help us teach their kids as well as others the many different and amazing cultures we have within our school.


      1. I totally agree, I really like how my professor is teaching us about different culture holidays throughout the year, in class. It takes five minutes to be more aware of cultures around us.


  7. I really like how you stated it’s a very uneasy topic. Kids should be very aware of each of their classmates background because something might be said and the one student would be hurt. Having them understand the background is very important. Teaching them in the class is huge because today we have lots of culture in and outside of schools. Great post!


    1. Thank you! I would agree that students can get hurt but sometimes I feel that will become stronger to our side or more open minded from the situation.


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