Equality, encouragement, and positive relationships in the classroom

Afternoon, I enjoyed your stance on this subject, and unfortunately its sad that this young girl had to experience this within a classroom. There is a fine line between pushing a student to their fullest potential, and marginalizing them so that they feel defeated or demoralized. In this case, the child had ad adverse reaction to the teacher, and the teacher in this particular case has done more damage then good.
The classroom is suppose to be a place of safety, comfort; and a place in which the students can work hard, but also to not be afraid to fail. Telling the student “I really expected more from you”, when she was already aware that she was having a bad day is tragic, because you are now as a teacher discouraging this student, and it now becomes a terrible classroom environment. The teacher needs to know their students both in the classroom, but also outside. If you notice that one of your students is having a bad day, that’s an opportunity that we have as educators to understand that student and offer assistance that may go beyond the walls of the school. The best teachers are the ones that create that positive, encouraging, and engaging environment within their classes. This allows the student to learn, but to also grow as an individual.

Teaching with Social Justice in Mind

This week I had the opportunity to tutor a student. While tutoring my student, I heard another student talking about an issue she is experiencing in one of her classes. She has a teacher that is so hard on her. She said “that it’s like (the teacher) expects more from me, but doesn’t care what anybody else does.” She also said one day she was having a bad day and she didn’t do good on an assignment. After class, her teacher came to her and said “I really expected more from you.” The girl said it made her feel even worse because she knew she could have done better, but she was having other struggles that her teacher didn’t know about. Sometimes as teachers we make judgments based on the grades our students get instead of taking the time to get to know our students and learn more about them…

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