Outside the Classroom

I think between the presentations and the discussion on Thursday at the Mill, a common thread that people seem to support is outside community involvement. The classroom is great place to build confidence and teach debate and discussions. Students should feel safe to express them selves in the classroom and they should feel welcome in their classes. But, to build real community and relationships, students need to leave the classrooms and build inter-generational connections. Community events create a safe feeling within the community and not just the classroom.

If we want to bridge the gap between people in America, we start in the classroom and our will students grow up and take it into the real world. I think we will have a time of separation simply because the older generation aren’t prepared to change. But as the population ages; so will outdated ideas. As future teachers we need to focus on uplifting all our student to assure them of a better future.

3 thoughts on “Outside the Classroom”

  1. Teaching when done properly is in a way a community service. Community service is in essence a way of trying to make a part of the world that you can affect a better place. If a teacher truly teaches and students learn happily from that teacher, then at least some small part of the world has become just a little bit better. We must uplift one another and build that safe community in the classroom. If at all possible try to teach that thinking to the children and have them spread it too. That is how we get a better future

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    1. I absolutely love your focus on building inter-generational relationships between students and members of the community outside of the physical school building! We were just talking about this idea today in one of my other education classes, that collaboration in a school environment can (and should) oftentimes venture outside of the classroom to give students a broader understanding of the world, and be under the supervision of a teacher that has the ability to step in and explain different settings and situations to their students so the students can learn in a more non-biased and critical thinking mindset. I also appreciated you saying “The classroom is great place to build confidence and teach debate and discussions.” This is so true! Many students will need to initially learn about these topics and be supported in a safe environment first before they feel confident enough to go out into the world and understand it.

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  2. I completely agree! I love they way you discussed how the next generation will be the one to change everything. You were completely right when you said that the older ones of our generation are the ones holding onto the past and refusing to advance. The students of tomorrow are genuinely going to be the impact and change we need to see, so we’d better start thinking now on how we are going to prepare them for just that!

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