Social Justice

As one of my classmates on this site said, I too believed going into the Divided State event on Thursday that I was going to have to sit and listen to someone drone on for an hour and a half on the status of our country today.

But I was gladly mistaken.

Instead it was a lovely forum where everyone was free to speak their minds and voice opinions for the questions at hand, mostly about bringing people together and about standing up for your beliefs. And that is exactly what I want for my classroom. I am lucky that unlike most of my peers in my education classes, I have a little more wiggle room when it comes to the “traditional” classroom, seeing as how the subjects I am studying to teach are not what people think of when they think of school and learning and strict classes. So in my classroom I am hoping to not only teach them what they need to learn in their Family and Consumer Sciences classes, but have my room be like how Dr. Kay had the forum: open and safe for discussions. I want to help teach my students about various diversities, about people that maybe they have never thought about because they are not a part of that group, such as other races and genders and sexualities and abilities. The Divided State forum opened up my eyes that that can be possible and that I can have a way for everyone to open their minds and broaden their horizons diversity wise in a safe environment.

One thought on “Social Justice”

  1. I definitely agree with your standings on a very open-ended classroom rooted from safe and open discussion. As educators, we definitely need to give weight to our students’ voices and ideas in the classroom. A question I would like to raise though is what precautions will you set in your curriculum to prevent the marginalization of students, whether it be from lack of participation or the sense of alienation in a classroom?


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