Social Justice in My Classroom

This week, I was able to attend the Divided State of America and volunteer at an after-school program in which we played trivia games.  These experiences opened my eyes to the different ways people interact with the world.  Both of these events were populated with middle and high school students, and many of them are of a minority.  Being able to discuss sensitive and controversial topics with these students in a safe space made me realize that even though I consider myself to be an open minded person, I had never truly put myself in a situation where my comfort zone was challenged in the way it was this week.  This week has reinforced my determination to create a safe space in my classroom, where my students feel that they can discuss anything without fear of rejection or ridicule.  Without the ability to challenge one’s beliefs, no change can occur.  It is my responsibility as a teacher to be a facilitator of change, so creating an environment where change can occur is a necessity.

6 thoughts on “Social Justice in My Classroom”

  1. Students in any classroom should feel like they matter. If the students in the classroom are comfortable with the teacher and students there chances of succeeding in the classroom is very high. #4243


  2. Very well said. It doesn’t matter if it is the classroom, office or home we all want to feel as though we matter and are appreciated. Those who feel this way are more willing to put in extra effort when things get hard. So as an educator it is important to make all students feel like they are an important piece to the classroom setting.


  3. Very well said. I agree with you making the classroom a safe place. Some student may not have safe places at home or wherever they go after school. Allowing kids to feel safe is a huge thing. We want kids to enjoy school and have them feel like they can talk about anything. Giving the kids time to open up and have all the other kids understand backgrounds will hopefully make the classroom a learning environment, and also a safe environment.


  4. I agree fully with your statement and so glad that you got this experience. Student should feel safe and able to voice their views, beliefs, and experience. I want my students to know that we are all learner, even us, the teachers. We all can learn from the experience that we go through. I have gone through a lot of stuff in my childhood but one thing I have learn is that I’m not a victim from it. It makes us grown and become a better person.


  5. That’s awesome that you got to experience that. I myself felt like I was pretty opened minded to ideas and different beliefs but after being in 3100 I have realized that this is not the case. Kids must feel like they matter in order for them to make a difference and we as teachers must make reinforce that.


  6. I’m very jealous of your experience! I personally believe that every student going into teaching should have to participate in after school functions like this! It really would open their eyes—like it did yours—to all of the different cultures and how the students act and react differently to specific situations.


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