Social Justice in the Classroom

As a future educator I have a responsibility to not only be knowledgeable and able to teach my students about biology. I also have a responsibility to teach my students about equity, equality and social justice. Social justice to me means fairness and equal opportunities for all of my students. This week I attended the Divided State of America event at the Mill and got the opportunity to discuss thoughts and feelings on how we can solve problems in America even when we disagree. There was a lot of diversity at this event which was great because America is full of diversity and our classrooms will be as well. There will be times when there is conflict in the classroom because students are from all different types of backgrounds and will all think differently. As the teacher I am the person who has to make sure these issues can be resolved without offending anyone. The way to do this is by always keeping an open mind and respecting the opinions of others. Even if we do not always agree we must learn to coexist by giving social justice to all.

2 thoughts on “Social Justice in the Classroom”

  1. It is very important to give students of all backgrounds the respect they deserve and hopefully other students will feed off of that. If there happens to be conflicts though, it is important that you are able to help resolve them and help students see that being different is okay. I think having different perspectives will help a lot in the classroom.


  2. Being able to go into a classroom with students from many different backgrounds is very important. None of your students will have the same thought process or opinions, as a teacher it is important to be able to see things from every students point of view. Being able to relate and understand your students thought processes and actions based on their culture and backgrounds will help build a better relationship in the classroom and will benefit you and the student when it comes to learning and teaching.


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