Being an Influential Teacher

This week I was reminded just how influential teachers are in a student’s life. During the Unity and Diversity book talks this week, a fellow classmate pointed out that we have the opportunity to be a parental figure in students’ lives. While not all students need a parental figure in a teacher, some do, and we can be that for them by showing that we care. What a great responsibility that is. Teachers influence students’ lives just as much as the students’ parents do, and for those who do not have two parents or maybe any parents, we have the privilege of acting like a parent for some. I was also reminded this week that we must be a positive influencer in our classrooms, so that everyone feels welcomed and conformable. As a teacher I cannot let the classroom breed micro-aggressions. If I do not say anything when students are not being treated fairly or a racist joke is being told, then my silence is equivalent to approval. To show a student I care I cannot let racist or prejudice words be okay. Will students always say and act with kindness outside of my classroom? Probably not, but I do not have control over that. However, I can influence how a student acts or talks outside of the classroom, by not allowing it in the classroom or in the school when I hear it. A teacher can make a really big difference ins a student’s life and sometimes it is the smallest actions that make the biggest differences. Being a teacher is more than just teaching content. Being a teacher comes with the great responsibility of shaping the minds and the hearts of all of our students. We have to remember that we all had a teacher that influenced us and we all had a teacher that we really needed to influence us, yet did not. So, as The Kid President states, “be who you needed when you were younger.”

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