I think a new theme for this week is caring. Last week I discussed how building a community outside of class is important. This week I am going to discuss caring about these students. As teachers we should be learning about our kids interests. If possible we should be relating our students. Caring means allowing students to make decisions about what happens in the classroom. Caring means productively supporting our students thought process. We should not be stifling out students imagination and ideas. We should promote discussions and embrace opposite ideas. In my math class, I can help students by not putting them down when they con to wrong conclusion. Instead, I should encourage them to seek other solutions. Wen they find a correct solution, or build a deeper connection we will be teaching them problem solving versus algorithm solutions. By showing a student I do not ridicule them, and showing that just because they miss a single question does not make them stupid, I prove to my kids that they have potential and that failure leads to deeper understandings and to better education.

One thought on “Caring”

  1. I believe that showing our students that we care about them is the first thing that we should strive for as teachers. I know that as a student myself currently I feel more comfortable and willing to learn in a caring environment than in one that is stoic. I feel as though my future students will feel this same way. Students must feel as though their cultures, ideas, and ways of thinking/life are able to be expressed without fear of retaliation.


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