Over the past few weeks, I have heard great ideas from my fellow students in their Unity in Diversity talks. One idea that really stuck with me was from The Challenge to Care in Schools. Nel Noddings’ book discusses many ways we as educators can “reach” our students by sparking a desire to learn, developing a relationship with our students, and being an example/role model in our classroom. Another concept from this book is that educators teach more than content. We teach practical knowledge, interpersonal skills, and motivation and satisfaction. This makes our job so important! Following this talk, we heard about The Other Wes Moore, which emphasizes the importance of educational opportunities and the difference educators can make in the lives of their students. Students need a teacher who will show them they are valued and have potential. The presentation of this book improved my understanding of educational equity as justice in our society. Education has such an impact on lives. It is so important to show students they are valued, they have potential, and there are opportunities out there for them. Finally, the book Despite the Best Intentions (by Amanda Lewis and John Diamond) contains many great ideas of working toward equity. This book discusses how racial ideologies, class tracking, and opportunity hoarding prohibit education’s ability to be an equalizer. Lewis and Diamond point out the difference between equity and equality. Equality is giving everyone the same treatment. Equity, though, is giving everyone what they need to succeed. This is a key concept in ensuring the diverse needs of students are met. I think the books I have mentioned all show the importance to teach with diversity and social justice in mind.

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