Thoughts on the past week

I finally got to do my presentation this week so that was a big triumph of pushing through and getting to share that with my classmates. The presentations this week was great to hear and really just drilled home the point about how we must approach all of our students in a loving manner that encourages them to give it their best attempt at what they enjoy in life. One presentation really showed how some of the students we see can live in very similar circumstances, but a few variables can completely change the course of their life. We as future teachers should take that opportunity to help our students then in the moments we have with them because we do not know if anyone else is outside of school. I also really enjoyed talking in one of my classes about how we as teachers have to show our students it is okay to make mistakes on problems and use that as positive moments to help build understanding without embarrassing the student who may decide to give up and not try anymore. With math especially, it happens so often where students try only once and if their solution is wrong they stop. We have to help build that positive disposition.

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