Today in our class, Planning for the Diversity of Learners, we talked about schools having the policy that says that teachers can’t give students below a 50 on assignments. I asked teachers that I know if they had this policy in their school districts and they said that they did.  I don’t necessarily agree with this policy because I feel that it doesn’t hold students accountable for their work. Students need to understand that even in life you can’t just not do something and expect to get anything in return. For example in life we have to pay bills and go to work. We can’t just not do those things and expect to succeed in life. We have to begin teaching students responsibility. As teachers it is our responsibility to prepare students for the future. In elementary schools, I understand more of why this policy is in place, but for middle school and secondary students, I believe that they are old enough to understand that their actions for not turning in an assignment or not doing an assignment has consequences. I also understand how receiving zeros can discourage a student and make them want to give up, but there are other ways that a teacher can encourage and motivate these students to succeed. The teachers can sit down one on one with the students and assess if the student actually understands the content that is being taught. If the teacher sits down with the student and the student does not understand, then the teacher can help the student understand what they are doing wrong. I do believe that this policy is in place so that students do not keep receiving zeros, but if the students are receiving multiple zeros then the teacher needs to take the time to sit down with students and find ways to help the student succeed. Teachers should not keep failing students without taking the time to try and understand what the students’ misconceptions are. Teachers have a major role in students’ success in the classroom. The teachers need to motivate students to participate and stay engaged in the classroom.

One thought on “Grades”

  1. I agree with your thoughts in this blog. Students need to learn responsibility and that hard work will be rewarded and laziness or not being willing to do something will not be. If a student does not complete an assignment they should know that they do not get a score but a 0. This is like real life in which if you do not put in the work at a job you do not get paid. I also agree that if a student is constantly getting zeros that I as a teacher should have a conversation with that student to figure out what is going on.


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