Teaching With Social Justice in Mind

After hearing the diversity presentations and gathering hours of field experience, I have seen firsthand how valuing the students truly makes a difference. Some valid points made in the presentations were about the necessity to really care for the students and also the importance of using real language with students. Students want their teachers to be transparent with them. They also want to feel respected regardless of race, socioeconomic status, gender, or anything else that makes them different. From my field experience, I have seen that students work harder for teachers who value their opinions and use their ideas. Giving students ownership in the classroom makes them want to come to class and learn on a daily basis. As educators, it is our job to be sure we notice each students strengths and encourage them to use those to make class more successful. The takeaway message that I have seen throughout all of the information presented in class is if I approach my classroom with an open mindset, my students will have a positive outlook on learning.

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