Assessing Students Fairly

This week our class heard from a classmate that read the book Fair Isn’t Always Equal by Rick Wormeli. One point that was brought up from the book was assessing students for content knowledge and content knowledge only. Grades should reflect what students know or what they do not know, not how well they dressed up for a project or how many times they spoke in class. After thinking about this concept, I realized how true this is. Students’ grades should reflect academics. By doing this, an equal classroom is being promoted. However, in order to make this an equitable classroom, where students receive the support they need, the teacher could have areas from which the students can choose which way they want to show their learning. This could be done by having an option for each of Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences, so that students are showing what they know according to their own learning style. Therefore, some students may want to present a project in front of the class and some students may want to create an infographic on the computer to share with the class via email. The students would then be graded on the content knowledge they presented and not the costume or how well the infographic was designed. Having an equitable classroom is very important and as teachers we should be assessing our students based off what they know, and nothing more!

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