Diversity in Education

This week’s presentations sparked a lot of great class discussions and debates. To start off, one of my classmates presented on “Competition” and why does defeating others create such great self-esteem. The presentation demonstrated that one should just focus on oneself and not so much the other person. I feel that competition is great to a certain degree. Competition can create motivation to be your best and do your best in situations. I feel that competition can help you maximize your potential. However, competition can be bad when you become dishonest, unethical, and sabotage your opponent for a victory. If one alters their behavior for the worst in order to win, competition becomes bad.

Another topic was quality and classroom management. I highly favor instructional quality and management in classrooms. Being a current college student, I like to see relevance in my assignments. Therefore, I will make sure my instruction is relevant to my students’ learning needs. The implementation of busywork can create a negative perception of assignments in students. I have also learned a lot about classroom management while completing my undergraduate degree in education. There are many different theories by many different theorists on how to effectively control your classroom. I plan to establish rules at the beginning of the school year, implement them throughout the year, provide incentives when I see fit, and create a fun and interesting, yet controlled, learning environment.

The last topic sparked a great class discussion. The idea of grade equality and equity in classrooms. We talked about how some schools require that teachers give students a minimum grade of 50-60s. The class had mixed feelings on this. Some see it as a positive because this creates a sense of hope in students. If a student receives a 0 for not completing an assignment, they are more likely to feel discouraged, feel that they will not be able to bring their grade up, and give up all together. So by receiving a 60, they will be more inclined to try in the future. Other members in the class felt that a student should receive the grade reflective of the work. If they don’t complete anything, they should receive a grade accordingly. This is a very interesting topic. I look forward to hearing more viewpoints and reasoning behind these decisions.

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Khalil Cain

I am Khalil Cain, a Business Technology Education major at Mississippi State University. I am a native of central Mississippi and a senior in college. I am looking forward to exploring more 21st Century Digital Learning Tools.

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