Reflecting on the Presentations

The classroom presentations have truly been eye opening. From the very first day, to the very last day, so much has been revealed to me. I know that I will not be able to personally relate to some of my students because my background is different than theirs, so this has been incredibly helpful for me to be able to somewhat see what their life and struggles are like. For example, some students and/or their parents have faced discrimination purely based upon the color of their skin, or how their natural hair looks. Other students have faced hardships with financial situations, and therefore look at the world in a completely different light than a student from a middle or upper class family with a bigger income. Some students simply need to be around other people just like them at lunch, and others just want to read about a character like themselves in a book or story. Topics like race, gender, culture, and censorship have been addressed so far in our classroom, and I now know that these same topics will be addressed in some form or fashion in my future classroom. It is up to me to educate my students on these matters, and to show them that diversity is a great thing that needs to be celebrated. It will be important for me to not shy away from these topics, but instead embrace them.

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