Social Justice

This week, I heard the last of the presentations, and once again they really opened my eyes. The presentations I heard were very enlightening, especially when bringing up the topic of sensitivity vs censorship in a way. I enjoy the idea of not censoring, unless the student believes the best thing for them is to see the censored material e.g. words and situations that may be triggering to them, but of presenting the sensitive materials carefully with an air of respect for the students. 9th-12th graders should not have too much of an issue in terms of complete immaturity that they can be presented with materials that may be racist or the like, but we should also incorporate into our lessons of them how these words are wrong and have always been wrong, even if in the past they were tolerated or the norm.

Another thing that I really enjoyed was when we talked after the last presentation about changing wording to fit the proper perspective. In the example about Christopher Columbus, I like the idea of changing it to say he “explored” America, rather than “discovered” it. It takes the power out of the colonization, and shows that he could not “discover” something that already not only had people already living there, but that he was not even the first person to come over from another place.

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