Knowing Your Students

This week when I arrived at my weekly tutoring my student had not been at school, therefore was not at the after school program. Of the 4 weeks I have been tutoring, my student has been there once. This made me start to wonder why is my student not going to school on Tuesdays? Is there something that happens on Tuesdays that prevents him from coming to school? I began to think about how important it is for teachers to get to know their students. Maybe there is something that happens at home for students, school is a safe place. As teachers we must create our classrooms to be a safe place for all. A place where all students want to be. A place where students feel known and loved. A classroom should be more than a place where students come to learn. A classroom should be a home away from home. A classroom should be a family. Teachers should know their students so that when students walk into their classroom, they feel all of these things and they want to come to school.

One thought on “Knowing Your Students”

  1. I have had a similar problem with my student. About three times my student has not been in school due to being in ISS or OSS. I feel as though something is going on within their life to make them want to constantly be out of class. Maybe they are not feeling safe due to another classmate or feel as though they do not learn anything. It is our jobs as teachers to figure out what might be going on within our students lives so that we can make a safe environment in which our students are willing to learn.


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