Students’ interests

During this weeks tutoring session, they allowed the students to play games. Instead of tutoring, we interacted with the students by playing games or talking with the students. I feel that this helped me get to know my student better and build a better relationship. We were playing the card game called UNO when my student’s mom came to pick her up. My student wasn’t ready to leave because she wanted to finish the game and win. Usually when we are tutoring, as soon as her mom gets there she is up and out the door.  This helped me to realize that I need to make the learning experience just as fun and enjoyable for her as UNO is to her. I could try to relate the content that we are working on, such as math, to something that she enjoys such as card games. It is important for teachers to connect the content to something that the students find interesting. This will help the students to be more motivated to learn, but it will also help them to understand the information on a deeper level. Students are more willing to learn from someone that takes the time to learn more about them and their interests, but also from someone that takes the time to build relationships with them. Throughout this tutoring session I was able to build a better relationship with my student, but also I got to learn more about her interests and things that she enjoys doing in her spare time. I believe that this will help me to become a more effective tutor for my student as well as future educator.

One thought on “Students’ interests”

  1. Within our future classrooms we must find a balance of integrating fun and learning into our lessons. Students learn and retain information better whenever they find that the information that we are teaching them fun and interesting. We need to be able to incorporate games and other interesting supplemental things into our lessons to keep our students interested in being in school and learning like how the UNO game kept your tutor student interested in staying.


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