Week of October 15

Last week, I did not get to go to my observations. I was looking forward to it this week though, especially since I have to work on my Interventions Plan assignment. Thinking about how to incorporate everything into a plan and into a classroom to hopefully be as inclusive as possible is nerve wracking, but so important. When I went this week, as always I was blown away by the Early College High School. No matter what they are doing in the classroom, it’s done in a way that is more student focused and better than any other school I’ve ever experienced. I know that when I really get into my Intervention assignment due this week, I will probably model some of it after what I have seen there. That school is an inspiration in so many ways.

One thought on “Week of October 15”

  1. I love how the Early College High School does a wonderful job of keep learning student centered. Being able to keep students interested in learning is a difficult feat. The Early College High School has beaten the boring out of school though. Students are able to work together to learn and reach goals that they may not have thought they could otherwise. I have talked to multiple students that go to the GTECHs and they genuinely feel as though they can make a difference within their learning and be able to get the most out of their time at GTECHS.


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