social justice

As I completed my intervention plan, I saw just how much physical setting can affect a student’s ability to learn. Just by organizing the desks a certain way and by hanging relevant posters on the wall, students will be more actively engaged and more likely to learn. The teacher is responsible for providing a stimulating environment for his or her students. This job can entail meeting many types of needs such as learning style needs, socioeconomic needs, ethnicity needs, or even cultural needs. Once the teacher relates to the students on that level, it is more likely her class will be filled with students who care and try their best. As I am beginning my curriculum design project, I am already crafting what I want my classroom to entail, so I can help each student learn to the best of his or her ability. I plan to incorporate much diversity in my classroom design and try to show my students how much I care about them as students and people.

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