Show Students You Care

“Students do not care how much you know until they know how much you care.” This quote really resonates with me. If young people know you care, it is more likely that they will be interested and engaged during class time. The other side of this is that if you show a non-caring attitude toward students, they will choose not to listen to you. In I Won’t Learn From You, Herbert Kohl explained how “not learning” can be a student’s conscious decision based on their feelings toward the teacher. Teachers interpret this as a learning deficit rather than reflecting on their own attitudes, behaviors, and teaching practices. Kohl suggests taking time to learn about students and their interests to show them you care about their interests and their overall success.
How does this apply to teaching with social justice in mind?. What I talked about in the above paragraph can help bring equity to your classroom. By putting forth effort to show students you care, those students who typically tune out what you have to say will listen to you and engage in classroom activites. This levels the playing field/ helps close the gap between the number of students who are academically proficient and naturally pay attention to teachers and those students who need a little extra motivation or support from the teacher.

One thought on “Show Students You Care”

  1. When students know that you care about their interests and needs they tend to grow within their respect for you. If the students have respect for you they tend to be more interested in learning from you. I know that I had this teacher that was a phenomenal teacher. She loved each of her students and always made and attempt to get to know us. She taught my least favorite subject, math, and I was more willing to pay attention in her class because I had respect for her. As Kohl said students will make a conscious decision to not learn from a teacher that they do not respect.


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