Week of October 22

This week, with having to turn in the Interventions Plan video, has opened my eyes once again to ways I can implore diversity and help in my classrooms. I had never thought about things like how seating can help students feel included and safe, let alone how it may help students with ADHD because of where their seat is in relation to “distracters” like the pencil sharpener. It makes me just that much more excited to get into my own classroom and rearrange desks and find ways to motive my students by letting them know what I expect of them every day. I want to know what they expect of me as well, and hopefully it will make my classroom not only feel safe, but supportive. Like we are all motivating each other and learning from each other every single day.

One thought on “Week of October 22”

  1. I like how you discussed how the interventions plan made you think about your future classroom and the students in that classroom. It is very important that you think about how your classroom is designed with regards to how students with different learning challenges need to be oriented. As you said you may not want to put the child with ADD/ADHD by the pencil sharpener or the child in a wheelchair at the furthest point of the class. We as teachers also have to think about how setting up our classrooms can motivate our students. The way you position the chairs/desks in your classroom can effect how motivated your students are. Students in the back that are furthest away from teacher tend to be the least motivated than those closest to the front and we have to find a way to balance between teacher proximity and desk locations.


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