Week of 10/22

For Project #2, our theme was Self motivation in students. Despite having read two different books, the solution was the same; treating all students equally, with respect, and giving them the encouragement they need. We also introduced the works of Weinstein, Quith, and Kohlberg. Weinstein stated that in order to establish self motivation in students, they need to find relevance and enjoyment in their assignments. And Rafe Quith implemented Kohlberg’s 6 levels of Moral Development. Students should be encouraged to reach the 6th level; developing a moral code. So students should not be motivated by rewards, avoiding consequences, to follow the rules, for praise, etc. They should be motivated because its the right thing to do for themselves.

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Khalil Cain

I am Khalil Cain, a Business Technology Education major at Mississippi State University. I am a native of central Mississippi and a senior in college. I am looking forward to exploring more 21st Century Digital Learning Tools.

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