What I Didn’t Know on August 15

Before this class, I never really thought about social justice much. I am from a small town where I never really saw much injustice going on in my high school. Social justice is a difficult topic to consider because it is a touchy subject for many people. I never realized how prominent social justice actually is in the schools until I started shadowing this semester. After spending hours in the classroom, I have seen many children discriminated against based on many different aspects such as socioeconomic status, race, or even learning ability. When these students experience this discrimination, they tend to shut down and not function well in class for the remainder of the semester. After witnessing these instances, I am determined to instill equity and equality in all parts of my classroom. I want each child to feel like they are a valuable part of the class, and once students understand my care and concern for them, they will hopefully put forth effort in my class. Every child in my class is an opportunity to to make someone feel successful and important even if it is just done by highlighting the small victories. I hope to be a molder of character in my classroom, and I also desire for all students to leave feeling important and treasured.

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