What I know now about Social Justice

The most important aspect of social justice I have learned thus far is that it extends well past ensuring everyone is equal despite their race and gender. Social justice extends to all regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, socioeconomic status, etc. No matter any of these, everyone deserves to be treated fairly and justly. Social justice includes welcoming the diversity among everyone. This is most important in a classroom because this is where the next generation will spend half of their year. As teachers we need to take on loco parentis, and educate, demonstrate and embrace the diversity among our students. We cannot be afraid to ask questions. We must respect all point of views, discern facts from our opinions, and teach our students the same. No student should feel left out, prejudices, or unworthy in a classroom. All are capable of great things, and we need to provide an environment that promotes self-efficacy.

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