Reflecting on Social Justice

Rewind back to August and I thought I knew a lot about social justice and how to have a classroom that promotes social justice. As I reflect on the semester so far I now know that there is a lot I did not know. My biggest take away so far this semester is that a student should walk in your classroom and feel known, loved, valued, and affirmed. Obviously making students feel loved is not something new that I have learned, but what I have learned is different ways to make a student feel valued and affirmed. I now think that when a student walks into a classroom they should not have to worry about the inequalities that exist outside of the school. Rather, students should walk into a classroom and know that the grades they obtain are because they earned those grades and that when they are being reprimanded it is because they were out of line. One of my new goals as a teacher is to create a classroom that models what we want the world to be. Will the world ever be perfect? No. Will a classroom ever be perfect? Certainly not. However, I can do my best as a teacher to model social justice and foster a classroom environment that promotes social justice, so that when students leave my classroom and are faced with inequalities, they know how to face these in a respectable, civil way and they know that all are created equal and all have value.

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