Social Justice

Before I really thought about it, social justice just meant not being a racist, or prejudice. I thought if I treated my students with respect, then that would be enough. But it’s not. Not every student will react the same to me. Not every student is going to my every teaching method. I need to make an effort to create social justice in my classroom.

What I now know about social justice is our responsibility in the classroom to create equal opportunities. I need to be deliberate in my actions to even the playing field. It will be easier, more natural to relate to and connect with students who are similar to me or excel in things that I excel in. Something that I knew before but didn’t really think about was my natural biases. Social Justice in my classroom means I need to opportunities for students to succeed in multiple ways. This means being aware of student’s natural abilities/ talents and allowing them chances in my class to be creative or explore topics they are extra interested in. Social Justice means leveling the playing field and allowing student’s to succeed in different ways.

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