What I know about Social Justice now?

I guess I finally gained a true understanding of what social justice is. I honestly didn’t know what the true definition of social justice was. I had a surface level idea only. After our two projects and listening to everyone’s presentations on their trade texts, we can see different examples and perspectives for social justice and diversity in the classroom. Dr. Brocato gave us a definition of social justice. As educators we cannot implement social justice overnight, it takes time and set of steps. Our goal is to close the gaps and meet the needs of others. Social justice is leveling the playing field, no one has any privilege over another race or gender. I learned a more definite definition of social justice and now I feel like I have a more solid understanding of what social justice is.  I understand that even though I may think I am treating everyone equally I may need to be still subconsciously aware that I may not be. Different activities in the classroom may trigger certain emotions for children. I learned that social justice isn’t just race or culture. It could be experienced by students that come from broken homes versus students who grew up in the tradition 2 parent household. With the divorce rate going up, we need to go ahead and recognize that there may come a time the majority of our students may come from broken homes. They may come to you looking for you to meet their basic needs because they may not be met at home. I would even go as far to say that social justice goes hand in hand with socioeconomic status. Students who are lower class versus middle to upper class students. Students who come from the lower class may think they are not as important as the other children. Social Equality comes in all shapes and sizes. It is our jobs as educators to keep an eye out for it, correct it, and keep instilling the correct ideas in our students about equality.

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