Social Justice

Throughout the course of this class, I have learned what this term “social justice” means for my future classroom. When I first came to class in August, I did not really know what to expect. I was sure that this would be a useful class, I just did not know how. I have learned that social justice in the classroom means putting your students first and meeting their needs. It means promoting diversity and understanding that everyone is different, and those differences need to be celebrated. It means giving your students information about people like them, and different people, so that they can have real life examples. It means doing your research and setting your classroom up in a way that promotes active learning. It means investing in your students and taking the time to hear them out. It simply means giving every student the same opportunity to grow and learn as they should. This class has taught me how to be a better educator. I now know how to be a “lead learner” in my own classroom, and I know how to adapt to help my students learn. Without this class, I would surely be lost. I have also learned a lot through observing a real life classroom and talking with different students. It is amazing to see how teachers work with their students to improve the learning environment. I hope to do the same in my future classroom.

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