What I Now Know About Social Justice

What I now know about social justice that I did not on/before August 15, 2018 was how backed by statistics it is. From reading my text and listening to my classmates talk about their texts, we explored some statistical data about the achievement gap between minority and majority students. I knew that this occurred but I did not know that such extensive research had been conducted to prove this. Social justice in education also has many other factors, being learning environments, learning tools, competition, and differentiated instruction.

Some schools do not have adequate or equal learning tools or environments. If a school or class has little classroom management, it will be difficult for some to concentrate in school. Also all schools do not have equal learning tools. Some schools, with 2 months left in 2018, do not have computers. However, they are expected to take online subject area tests and format English Composition papers electronically. This is unjust because students are being required to use a digital tool during important evaluation times, but have no prior experience with it. Some schools also focus too much on competition. I am in favor of healthy, competition in moderations. But when students begin to become academically dishonest and spiteful towards other students just to get ahead and the teacher does not address the issue, that is very unjust. And lastly, the lack of willingness to differentiate instruction is a huge issue. All students cannot learn effectively through lectures. Some need visual and auditory aids, as well as simulations. But if that option is not being offered, it is unjust.

Overall as educators, we must do what is in the best interests of our students. They should be equally encouraged, have equal opportunities, be able to learn in a non-restrictive environment, have the necessary learning and digital tools, and have instruction differentiated to their preference. Even if these factors are not what we have planned or prepared for, we must make the adjustments.


Published by

Khalil Cain

I am Khalil Cain, a Business Technology Education major at Mississippi State University. I am a native of central Mississippi and a senior in college. I am looking forward to exploring more 21st Century Digital Learning Tools.

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