What I Now Know About Social Justice

At the beginning of this semester, I did not spend an incredible amount of time thinking about social justice. I would see things on the news or on social media, think about it for a moment, and then move on. Now, however, social justice ideas occupy many of my thoughts as I read books, discuss with fellow classmates, and participate in multiple ways for this class. This has made me realize that many others probably operate as I did before the start of this class. Many probably do not devote much of their daily thoughts to social justice topics without provocation. What I have learned about social justice is that we need to be agents for it. If people in positions as myself with the knowledge that I have are not purposely creating discussions and safe forums for discussing social justice, then it may rarely be thought or talked about by others. As teachers, it is a large part of our jobs to grow students that are aware of what is going on in the world and how to treat the people of the world. Thus, we must create such discussions in our classrooms make a point to teach our students multiple aspects of what social justice is and how to be attentive to it.

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