Reflecting on Dr. Rosa

On Monday, November 5th, we had a Hispanic professor come in and talk to us about languages in the classroom. I finally understand what it is like being on the other side of the fence when it comes to a language barrier. Dr. Rosa and Dr. Brocato were talking fluently in Spanish, and I can honestly say “No Espanol!” It was interesting to hear her side of things. We know social justice has equity as part of its foundation. Dr. Rosa talked about the importance of knowing every student’s name and its pronunciation. While tying social justice in with all of this, we know it’s important to give each child an “identity” in your classroom. It’s important to recognize a child by their actual name with the correct pronunciation. If it is a name you are not sure about, pull them aside and have them talk you through it or come up with a special something between you and them. This is also an opportunity to build a relationship with that student. You also don’t want that student to feel like it would disrespect you as the teacher if they corrected you. I would imagine that the student already feels a little like the “different one” due to his or her native name. Make all the students feel comfortable enough and equal enough that they know they can reach out to you and correct you if needed. Make it a fun experience instead of an awkward one. These are just a few thoughts from our talk with Dr. Rosa…

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