English Language Learners

This week our class had the opportunity to meet with a professor that is fluent in spanish. I have never taken a spanish class so I was lost while she was speaking to us because I had no idea what she was saying. This allowed me to see how it feels for English Language Learners in schools. ELL students might not be as engaged in the lesson or activities because of the language barrier. ELL students are already having to learn the english language so it is our job to not make the learning process even more difficult for these students. I have been in a few classrooms that had an ELL students. In these classrooms, the teacher was great in planning lessons, activities, and assessments that would accommodate the ELL student. The teacher included visuals that would help the students understand what the words said and meant. When it came to reading levels, the teachers gave the ELL students reading material that were on a lower reading level that consisted of easier words so that the student could read the material and comprehend it. Being able to understand what an ELL student may go through better prepared me for my future classroom. I will remember how lost and confused I was which will allow me to be there for my students to help them through this process. Also being able to observe how other teachers plan for ELL students gave me ideas and tools that I will use in the future.

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