Language and Teaching as Designs

On Wednesday, we first discussed language as an act of design. A design is the making and doing processes that result in an outcome of multiple right answers. Language is the ultimate design tasks because there are multiple different ways to say something in different languages, and all of these different ways essentially say the same thing. Language is the ultimate design because of two reasons: who it is understood by and whether it works or not. If someone doesn’t understand something, try something different. Someone not understanding something is your sign that you need to propose, critique, and reiterate a new proposal. Teaching is also a design task. As teachers, we try to implement strategies to enhance learning in our classrooms. When something doesn’t work, we reiterate a new idea to see if it produces a new outcome. Tying this in with social justice, if we consider social justice as a design, we can think about different ways to implement it into our classrooms. If it doesn’t work, critique it and reiterate a new one or even the same one after you tweak. It is a continuous cycle: propose, critique, iterate, AND REPEAT.

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