Reflecting on Dr. Vozzo

On Monday November 5th, we had the privilege of learning about classroom fluency and more from Dr. Vozzo. There are many things that we discussed that has stuck with me, but what stood out to me the most was the story she shared with us regarding her son. He attended Suddoth Elementary, and when he was younger, teachers called her after her son took a placement exam and told her he was mentally retarded due to his test scores. She and another teacher did not feel this was accurate, so they reviewed his answers. The test was based on stories, rhymes, etc from American culture and the English language. For example, “the mouse in the ___”? The correct answer is house due the rhyme scheme and the story book; however, her son put mouse hole, which is the logical answer. Mice do live in holes.  Because the test contained certain American culture and English language biases, there was a gap within the test and his intelligence which by no means dictates that he is mentally retarded. There were no accommodations made for him until after the fact. As future educators, we must be aware of the possible gaps, strengths and weaknesses of our students, so we are better able to teach them.

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