A Studio-Based Learning Classroom

A SBL classroom is one that is a learning opportunity, not just a place student’s learn. A SBL classroom uses the diversity in the classroom as a tool; it uses the classroom and content knowledge as a stepping stone to teaching students to be better students. What I mean by that is not that the students will be better learners. I am saying that as a whole person, the students will have grown, whether it be academically, emotionally, or socially. For me, as a future High school teacher, I feel especially obligated to help my students become people who can enter the real world outside of school and be successful. A SBL classroom is not only designed to help students learn better, but to help students learn how to be better learners. A SBL classroom encourages students to evaluate their work and try again. A SBL classroom is designed so that teachers can help students be better rounded individuals and be better learners.

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