Social Justice in Education Studio-based Learning

This week’s class discussions were very insightful. The topics introduced sparked great class dialogue. Starting the week off, we talked about language. We had a visitor visit class and have discussions in Spanish. Some of the class was actually able to decipher some of the messages. The overall reasoning for the guest was amazing. The message was for us to, thoroughly, speak our content language. Whether it is Spanish, math, technology, history, science, or English literature, the information has to be delivered in a way that our students can understand, decode, and process. Language is a universal design, so it is up to us to make the most of it.

Secondly, we talked about should lessons be tailored to the standards or should standards be tailored to the lesson. There were many differing opinions. Some agreed that lessons should be tailored to the standards so that you make sure all standards are met. For example, one needs to know the rubric before they start writing their essay. Others agreed that you should start your lesson, then check to see if standards are included. They stated that this way, the lesson would be more creative, enjoyable and less rigid. So you will start writing your paper, and later check to see if you included all of the rubric points.

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Khalil Cain

I am Khalil Cain, a Business Technology Education major at Mississippi State University. I am a native of central Mississippi and a senior in college. I am looking forward to exploring more 21st Century Digital Learning Tools.

One thought on “Social Justice in Education Studio-based Learning”

  1. I like how you referred to our content area as a language. A language is a means of communication and thats what we as future educators will be doing. Communicating our knowledge through teaching strategies in the classroom.


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