Week of November 5

Election times are a special kind of time, aren’t they? This week held the midterm elections, which decided who would run the Senate and the House. There was so many monumental wins for persons with diversities from the traditional old, straight, white, male politician, and I can already think of a million ways to incorporate them and their stories into various classrooms. If students that are LGBT, women, Native, or Muslim can see that they too have representation and could even one day represent their people themselves, it opens up so many doors for them. It not only can boost their self identity and self worth, which will help them succeed in class, but they might even push themselves harder so that that could be them some day! It is very important for people to see people that actually represent them, representing them. And I can see how you can incorporate in classrooms by making sure to include people that have excelled in the field that are of all different genders and backgrounds and races.

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