Language Barriers

One discussion that we had as a class that really caught my attention was centered around language barriers. I had always known that there were language barriers; however, I had only ever thought about these barriers between English, Spanish, French, German, and other languages of the world. But in class we talked about language barriers within a classroom. These types of language barriers are not only found between the languages I mentioned above, but instead they can be found between the teacher and the students. The teacher speaks the language of the content that they are teaching. They are fluent in this language, and it comes almost naturally to them. The students are not on this same level. Students will not understand every technical term that the teacher does. This is why it is so important for teachers to translate for their students. It is vital that the teacher communicates in a language that the students can understand. The students must be taught the technical terms before they can understand it for themselves. This is something that never occurred to me, and I am so glad that it was brought to my attention. I will be sure to speak the language that my students can understand in my future classroom.

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