Studio Designed Classroom 11/12

For class on November 12th, I spent the day in a 6th grade math classroom at Madison Middle School (Madison, MS). I am lucky enough to know a few teachers at MMS who loved having me observe them. I thoroughly enjoyed this experience, and I’m grateful to have the opportunities to observe a variety of environments. MMS was rather different than what I have seen at Starkville High. At Starkville High, in my opinion, normally only half of the students respect the teacher, rules, etc., and the other half act up, speak out of turn, and ignore their work entirely. The students in the classroom at Madison Middle for the most part respected their teacher and other adults in the room, and only a few spoke out or didn’t listen the first time they were asked to do something. I am wondering whether this is due to the environments the teachers have established or if parents have contributed to their children’s manners. MMS also had fewer students with IEPs than SHS, so this may contribute to the differences as well. Ultimately however, I do believe the teacher does take much of the responsibility, if not all, for how the students behave in his or her classroom.

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