Studio Based Learning

Last week we were given the prompt, what is studio based learning? How is the culture different or the same when comparing and contrasting this type of environment to a regular classroom?

I initially wrote down:

– room for mistakes, critique, and improvement

– don’t know how to define studio based learning

– students are given more room for creativity

I had heard of studio based learning before, and I understood part of the concept: students, in a way, taught themselves, worked independently or in groups to solve given problems or work a project. I know now studio based learning is a teaching method that allow students to work on a project in the classroom while the teacher is available to answer questions, check work, provide feedback, etc. I do feel like I am correct in saying that in this environment students have more freedom. This type of classroom lets students dive into their creative side, allows them to take charge, and put to use their own ideas and thoughts.

For me, sometimes I like strict instructions and a “how to,” but others prefer freedom. I think student preference could both be a pro/con to studio based learning. A regular classroom is normally on a strict schedule along with structure, while a studio based learning classroom seems to be a “take the time you need – within reason” setting. Students also probably feel more independent and respected in a studio based learning environment. I think ultimately educators need to have a mix of both; students need structure and freedom.

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