Social Justice and Studio Based Learning

Last week we talked about studio based learning and culture. I felt as if studio based learning had to do with writing, reflecting and designing because that is mostly what we do in class. It has to do with all of those things but also has other aspects. SBL in my opinion, is less “organized” than a traditional classroom, which is not the best thing to a person like me because I am a bit of a control freak. I also know that in the future I will probably have students who feel this way as well. I do consider myself a creative person to an extent, but my preferred teaching and learning style is mostly traditional because that is what I am used to. However, I know the purpose of SBL is to reach more diverse students and help promote more creativity, self reflection and critical thinking which all students need. Everyone needs to be taken out of their comfort zone at times and in my future classroom I will incorporate SBL in some way. We also discussed the official definition of social justice. I have been dying to know the exact meaning of this term since the first day of class, but I am glad Dr. Kay waited to tell us her definition. We got to think about it on our own for a while and use context clues from class to draw inferences about it. This is a very important step in the learning process. It is an imperative part of students creating their own knowledge and I think that is exactly what SBL is about. She defined social justice as: a set of steps we take to bring about more equity over time to meet the needs of more; closing gaps between haves and have nots; leveling the playing field. In order to level the playing field and close gaps we must be fair and equal to all. SBL gives all students an equal opportunity to create their own knowledge and explore ideas.

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