I see, I think, I feel

Wednesday’s class meeting was interesting to say the least.. Dr. Brocato is very good at keeping us on our toes each and every class meeting. We never know what she has planned for us. This class meeting was no different. We walked in, and she asked us to form a circle and sit on the floor. Of course, we are all confused, but we follow directions anyway. We were having a group chat. This chat was focused on “I see…, I think….., I feel..” This gives students AND the teacher the opportunity to discuss issues openly. These issues could be teacher-to-student, student-to-teacher, or student-to-student. It provides a judgment free environment that we can all discuss our issues without punishment. Dr. Brocato did an awesome job receiving our feedback and responding to it later on in the class meeting. I was really impressed with how just airing out our issues with the “I see, I think, I feel” technique accomplished and answered so many questions. It is a good opportunity to gain many different perspectives from many different views and just clear up confusion in general. I would definitely try iterating this idea in my classroom if the setting was right!

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