social justice

This week in class we experimented with the “I see, I think, I feel” tactic. I really enjoyed how it allowed the students in the class to open up and talk about some of their experiences. I think it made all of the students feel important and as if they had ownership in the classroom. I also went to the “White kids; Growing Up with Privilege in a Racially Divided America” talk on Thursday. It was interesting to hear the statements from the kids that were researched. Most of the kids struggled with some form of racism even when they did not realize it, and this approach stemmed from the way their parents raised them. It was obvious that a great amount of the students in my future classroom will have some of the same viewpoints, and it will be necessary for me to combat that in the best way possible. Hopefully, I can take the experiences that I have seen in my field work and use them to make me a better educator with solutions to solve these types of problems when they approach me. My hope is that I can make everyone feel equal and important regardless of ethnicity.

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