This past week, I’ve been spending a lot of time organizing and manning donation drives for Kappa Delta Pi, an education honor’s society.  We’ve been collecting school supplies, jackets, and monetary donations to benefit the local schools and students.  I am blown away by the community’s generosity!  We haven’t yet sorted through the donations, but we have received more than I had ever imagined we would.  This experience makes me think about all of the kids who do not have the means to buy their own supplies.  According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, students cannot learn unless they have everything they need to be safe and healthy.  I know it is unrealistic to expect individual teachers to supply everything their students need, but I believe that it is our duty to try our best to help where we can.  One way teachers could help is to try to implement donation stations in schools.  These are places where donations of supplies, clothes, and sanitary items are stored so that students in need can discretely collect what they need.  These stations would allow for students to worry less about being cold or unprepared, and focus more on school.

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