I See, I Think, I Feel

I think I learned a lot from the “I See, I Think, I Feel” group meeting we did in class. The idea of taking the time to work out issues and talk to each other, and to see things from each other’s perspectives, is nice and I can see implementing this into smaller classes. And even if you have a bigger class, you can do it on a smaller scale with groups or peer mediation. With this practice your students can not only talk about what issues they may have, but they can have others help them out by giving them a different point of view. And in my opinion, this is important not just to help keep things equal and open the students’ eyes to what things might be like for their peer, but it also gives them skills for outside of school.

2 thoughts on “I See, I Think, I Feel”

  1. I feel as though the I see, think and feel group strategy is a way to provide equity and social justice within our future classes. It allows our students feel as though their opinions and thoughts can be heard in a safe environment and without fear of retribution. This activity also gets students thinking about others feelings and opinions which means that they may start to become more aware of their peers around them. This brings a new layer of justice and equity into the class because teachers and students are able to know what each other needs and be able to meet those needs.


    1. The I see, I think, I feel activity is a very unique one. I have thought about it quite a bit since our class meeting. The activity could be very helpful in a high school classroom if used correctly, but I also think it could be harmful. Since class times are not very long, I think the problems presented in class could turn into problems outside of class as well if they are not resolved. I also think that a classroom should be an environment for learning, not to talk about social problems that students may be having. However, if the problems are hindering students from learning then the activity could be very useful. It could give students a time to feel safe and clear the air with fellow classmates. It is crucial for the teacher to be confident that the class is mature enough as well.


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