#2 – Thoughts from Week 9/24

This week’s discussion was great. We have been squeezing a lot of speakers in recently but i like that we still take the time to hash out every social issue or educational theory in class. I think it is healthy to share ideas or information about these controversial topics like race or socioeconomic status, even if everyone’s ideas don’t always align perfectly. That is what makes us people, diverse with our opinions.
This week I visited Christian World Mission for the first time. It was do much fun! I was a little uneasy about connecting with the kids at first, because I wasn’t assigned a specific child. The kids at Christian World Mission were so easy-going and welcomed us with open arms. Seeing them file in and sling their book bags down, in immediate search for an after school snack took me back to the good ole days. It simplified life for me in that moment. These young black boys are just like my white, blonde headed self. The kids learned how to make chicken salad this day. I think they were a little disappointed to see the celery waiting to be chopped, sitting in the place of where their Doritos normally are. They each contributed, though, some chopped and others mixed, cut, and sliced. It was a learning experience, and everyone (including us!) tried the chicken salad. Towards the end the kids opened a Bible story time with recitation of the motto, creed, and prayer. I like that they recite these each day, because it is a vocal way to stay focused on their “big picture” goal each day. 

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