Reflection in the Field

During this semester, I have had the privilege to go to Starkville High School and sit with Mrs. Myles. In her classroom, she has a wide range of diverse students. The diversity I am referring to isn’t a race thing, but it is learning diversity, She has several special education students, who require a lot of help and attention. Some students are just lower level and slow learners. Some have learning disabilities. One child is blind. It has been an interesting experience watching them accommodate to all of the students’ many needs. Believe me, there are a lot of needs to be met in that classroom. As watching all of this, I began to think about social justice. These students may not ever attain the same level of knowledge, but they are given an equal opportunity to get to that level. It is all about perspective. If the end goal is graduation, you may have to help those students who are slower reach that goal more than the kids who just tend to “get it”. Equity and equality mean the same, but it all depends on the perspective you have to get your students to reach their goals. As educators, we shouldn’t just do the bare minimum. We need to get to the highest point to gain the biggest perspective because all of our students are going to be diverse in their own ways. We would be doing our students an injustice doing otherwise.

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